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In the week before Christmas as I was driving home I turned left onto a main road and saw a woman flying out of her motorised scooter and tumble downhill over the concrete footpath. Her shopping broke open as she crashed to the ground. Immediately I pulled over to help her. At the same time a couple of other drivers stopped and we quickly became a small team of people acting to support someone in distress.
By the time I had reached her she was pulling herself up off the ground and with some support was able to sit in her chair. Blood was pouring down her face and front and she was shaking violently. One of us had called an ambulance and the other woman who had stopped calmly took control after identifying herself as someone with a fair amount of first aid experience. Recognising the intensity of her shock I quietly told her my name, moved around behind her (so as not to get in the way of the first aider) and asked if it would be alright for me to put my hands on her back and shoulder …